Throwback Thursday: 2012 Walnut Creek Half


December 8, 2012

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to the completion of my 2nd Northern California Half Marathon Series, now known as the California Marathon & Half Series, at the Walnut Creek International Half Marathon.

Here’s what I thought after the race:

Hell of the run! Ran the first 4 miles. Then the hill killed me. Stormed the hill using Galloway’s walk/run method continued with walk/run to finish the race. The awesome volunteers and spectators made it easier to push on. Completed the Northern California Half Marathon Series.


Throwback Thursday: 2013 Modesto Marathon


March 24, 2013

Since I am considering a return to the Modesto Marathon, today’s Throwback Thursday is the official race photo from the 2013 Modesto Marathon half.  I had the pleasure of meeting and running with Bart Yasso, Runner’s World Chief Running Officer.

Throwback Thursday: 2013 Training Run

June 3, 2013

Out with Hera for a training run.  The canal had water running.  The sun was beating down.  The mosquitoes were on steroids.  Music singing to me.  It was a perfect run.  Everything was going along just fine, until is was not.  Not paying attention I lost track of her and before IE1FE654F-03BA-4208-BEE2-2E1D0B4BD9E5 knew it we were tangled up.  Like a tree falling in the forest, I fell to the ground making every attempt not to land on or hurt Hera.  Maybe I was not as graceful as a tree falling in the forest, but I fell just as hard.  With a cut on my elbow and possibly a sprained ankle, I got back up and finished my run.  Always be aware of where your dog is when running.  Lesson learned.

Throwback Thursday: 2012 Tough Mudder

September 29, 2012

For today’s Throwback Thursday we are taking it back to 2012 when I ran my first Tough Mudder at Diablo Grande.  Although I ran it alone, I was not alone.  When I struggled I was helped by strangers.  Even early in the morning, the heat was a killer.  I had never put my mind and body to the test like I did that day.  I was close to dropping out of the race for fear of dehydration.  I pushed through it and completed the course in about 4 hours.  On this day I truly became a Tough Mudder!  This weekend I will be in Tahoe running in my 3rd Tough Mudder becoming a 3X Legionnaire.

Throwback Thursday: 2013 Training Run

June 8, 2013

I was out on a 5.21 training run leaving my neighborhood in Winton and running into Atwater, along a canal bank, and then back home.  Here’s what I wrote after the run:

The heat kicked my ass! Whose bright idea was it to slap pavement midday? Oh yeah. My idea. Not bad considering. I’ll take it.


Throwback Thursday: 2010 Spirit of Giving 5k

Gizzel, Ana, & I

Gizzel, Ana, and I before the Spirit of Giving 5k in Modesto on December 13, 2010.


Ana and Gizzel joined me at the 2010 Spirit of Giving 5k in Modesto, CA.  New to running, this was their first race and my 3rd.  Or course, we were not competing for first, but we did have a good time.  I left them behind in an attempt to record a decent time and then doubled back to bring them in.

Throwback Thursday: 2012 NorCal Tough Mudder at Diablo Grande

Tough Mudder

Making my way through a mud pit during the Tough Mudder at Diablo Grande in 2012.


This week we are taking it back to the 2012 NorCal Tough Mudder at Diablo Grande.  This was one of the most challenging races I have ever completed.  It was the first time I have ever considered dropping out.  Through all the challenges, I was able to persevere and finish in about 4 hours.  I have since completed another Tough Mudder at Tahoe, becoming a Legionnaire.

Throwback Thursday: 2013 California Classic


2013 California Classic Half Marathon

Ted Runs with Camera on the field at Chukchansi Park during the 2013 California Classic.

Today’s Throwback Thursday photos is in honor of the 5th Annual California Classic Half Marathon coming this weekend.  Of the 5 races, I have run 4 of them with my personal record being at this race.  Here I am running in 2013 on the field at Chukchansi Park about to finish the California Classic Half Marathon and taking a photo of Amy as she takes my photo.  We will be at the 5th annual race, joining the BNB Runners.