Got Miles 5k Birthday Race

Got Miles 5k Birthday Race

Date: January 15, 2017
Location: Virtual Race
Distance: 5k
Time: 29:46  Pace:  9:34

The Got Miles 5k Birthday Race was started in 2011 by Miles, a BNB Runner Cub, to support the Poverello House in Fresno, California.  The BNB Runner Cubs are a sub-group of children runners from the BNB Runners group.  The race started small and has grown over the past 6 years, raising thousands of dollars for the non-profit.  Every runner gets a tech shirt and a unique cookie medal at the finish.  It’s a party!

Since I was not able to attend the race in person, I decided I would run the event virtually.  The night before the race I sent a text to the race director, she happens to be my Big Bear (sponsor in our running group), to let her know my plans.  Then I logged into my iFit account and plotted the course using Google Maps.

The next morning men, women, children, and pets gathered for the 6th running of the Got Miles 5k Birthday Race.  I would the posts across social media.  They even made the local news.

By the time I was ready to run my virtual race, those actually running the race were home, cleaned up, and going about their Sunday.  With the Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys playoff game on the television, I stepped onto the elliptical trainer, logged into iFit, and selected the Got Miles 5k Birthday Race program I had created the night before.  All workout programs start with a 5-minute warmup and it was during this time I select the music I want to run to.  For this race I went with DJ Marc Thrasher‘s Full Throttle powered by Rock My Run.

After the warmup, I began to run and feel the burn.  The elliptical was set to an incline of 8 with a resistance of 8.  Truth be told, I have no idea exactly what any of that means, but I know I felt it.  Like most races, I did not log exactly 3.1 miles.  I programmed the distance and still could not get it exact.  Instead, I ran 3.11 miles.  I know, what’s 1/100th of a mile?  I gained an elevation of 1,297 feet and burned 433 calories, according to the elliptical machine.  I pushed harder than I have in a while and was drenched in sweat when I was done.  While my time was not an official race time, I was satisfied with the results.


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