The Elliptical Machine

It has been years since I’ve attempted to run on an elliptical machine. Tested out Amy’s b-day present, the NordicTrack Elite 14.9. Whoa! The technology. It’s loaded with iFit, powered by Google Maps and RockMyRun. It even has a flat screen television attached. This machine has a 20″ stride. I assume that is good, but I really have no idea. There’s a USB port to charge your phone or tablet and an auxiliary jack for music. This is an impressive machine. Back to my workout. Years since I last attempted to run on an elliptical. Why? I could not keep my feet on the platforms. 20 years later, not a problem. I chose a workout to compete with others. I assume this information is gathered from other machines. Who knows? The course was Niagara Falls along Niagara Parkway. The digital screen allows you to see a Google map, satellite, or street view. I ran past a few busses. For the most part the course has an elevation of 7.0 to 8.0, but the course looked rather flat. Curious. The resistance was set at 7 to 8 for the majority of the run. On the map, you can see a flag for the fastest time. Okay, that one quickly disappears. Then there’s the average time and finally what your time is. I made sure to stay ahead of the average time. No, I’m not competitive at all. This machine was quite fun to workout on. The run was good and I felt the burn. I will likely incorporate running on the elliptical into my training.


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